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The Pack opens with a bomb attack which kills officers from a Border Guard unit deployed in the Bieszczady Mountains. Only one of them survives.  Captain Rebrow (Leszek Lichota) loses his friends and his beloved Ewa in the attack. Feeling confused, he tries to get at the bottom of the assault and find out who is the mastermind behind the bombing.

His commanders are also determined to reveal the truth. The official investigation is led by the prosecutor’s office. To clear up things after the attack, MajorKonrad Markowski (Andrzej Zieliński) is relocated to Bieszczady to form a new pack. He arrives with Natalia Tatarkiewicz (Magdalena Popławska) in tow - a new candidate for the undercover Border Guard. Natalia’s forced to confront her vision of border guard work with the Bieszczady reality. In the wake of Bieszczady bombing, the local unit is rejoined by Adam “Grzywa” Grzywaczewski (Bartłomiej Topa) who’s appointed the pack’s commander by Markowski. Grzywa moves to Bieszczady Mountains with his wife and their newly born son - Grzywa is not his biological father.