Three years after the dramatic finale of "Wataha Season 1", Rebrow is now a fugitive living wild in the forest. He stumbles upon Amal, a distraught illegal immigrant lost in the woods. She is a young mother and her son in missing. Rebrow finds the boy and has a close encounter with border guards. They have been called to a charcoal burning site, where they discover the bodies of 20 illegal immigrants. Dobosz is summoned to investigate.

Meanwhile, Rebrow recognises that Amal and her son are suffering from trauma and allows them to stay in his hut. As Rebrow seeks to unravel Amal’s story and Dobusz investigates the deaths, they continue to cross paths and it becomes clear that they have a mutual interest in solving the crime. They suspect that Gryzwa, who was presumed dead, is alive and working for a group of people smugglers.