Blochin - The Living and the Dead

Blochin is a gritty thriller series created by acclaimed writer/director Matthias Glasner about a Berlin policeman, who finds himself at the center of a political intrigue when his criminal past catches up with him.

With Jürgen Vogel and Thomas Heinze.

Created by acclaimed writer/director Matthias Glasner, the gritty thriller series Blochin is a kaleidoscope of the city of Berlin and its people. It tells the story of the police force of Homicide Division 7 and their families, friends and foes; an intricate reality in which the underworld is inseparable from high society. The eponymous cop, played by Jürgen Vogel, used to work on the other side of the law. He cannot escape his past and has nothing in common with his partner Dominik, other than being married to his sister. Full of deeply flawed characters, Blochin pushes the boundaries between good and evil.