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DA Iga Dobosz (Aleksandra Popławska) is heading the investigation into BG station bombing - she interrogates Major Markowski and Michał Łuczak (Jacek Lenartowicz), Rebrow’s friend. Rebrow decides to accept Markowski’s offer and return to active service. Markowski agrees on two conditions: Rebrow must not conduct his private investigation into the bombing and being a suspect he must remain at the DA’s disposal.

Rebrow meets up with Łuczakw who tells him that he was visited by DA Dobosz. Łuczak also alludes to Rebrow something that everyone knows or suspects - that the bombing was authored by the local mobster, Kalita. Meanwhile, Kalita meets up with his Ukrainian partner, Metro. Both of them are trying to figure out who is behind the murder of Kosowski and the BG guardhouse attack.  They conclude that an “alien” element is operating within their territory and decide to join forces...