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Eva is riding on a wave of success. She has prevented the introduction of a ban on advertising for unhealthy children’s products and installed the nuclear energy industry’s champion Frauke Hellwig as the favourite in the battle to be appointed Business Secretary. Eva’s former best friend Lea Koch, on the other hand, cannot believe what has become of her. Eva responds to Lea’s criticism with supreme confidence – until she hears the bombshell news that the party is supposedly on the brink of appointing the nuclear-averse Otto Falk as the new Business Secretary. The lobbying firm PPC is in turmoil as it seeks to find a way of preventing Otto Falk’s appointment at the last minute. Eva attempts to influence his policy stance, but without success. She then turns her attention to the party chairman Robert Paulsen and stirs his ambitions by reasoning that Falk’s appointment as Business Secretary would put his rival in line for the chancellorship. The decision is revealed in an interview in Lucilla Moos’ TV talk show.