Family History

Produced by the X Filme creative team Michael Polle and Uwe Urbas and helmed by Germany’s multiple-award winning director Kai Wessel, the mini series Family History dives deep into the family dynamics of a young woman who returns home after having gone missing 10 years earlier.

It’s been ten years since the humid summer evening when Isa disappeared after the annual school festival, leaving no trace behind. There was nothing to go on, no witnesses, no clues, nothing. Ten years of rumors, suspicions, fears and unresolved questions. Isa’s grandfather died of grief when he heard the news of his beloved granddaughter’s disappearance, delivering a second blow of fate to the von Gems brewery dynasty. Isa’s disappearance changed the town, because everyone in Lotheim was touched by the tragedy. And everyone is shocked when Isa suddenly reappears, with no memory of what happened.