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Eva has discovered that none other than the green lobbyist Frank Rolfskind was the last person to see Business Secretary Bertram Kaiser alive, but he refutes Eva’s claim. Out of the blue, she receives a text message from a blackmailer threatening to expose her for taking bribes from the nuclear industry when she was a member of parliament. But who is behind this plot to silence Eva? Is it Rolfskind, because she has discovered too much about him and his secret? Is it Holger, because she is upstaging him? Or is it Hugo, because she is seeking to thwart the nuclear industry’s plans. Eva is under duress from all sides, and especially from Zielert, who is eager to see some results at last. Eva’s suspicions concerning Rolfskind are initially reinforced by Zielert. A string of industry associations were putting Rolfskind under severe pressure to prevent the amendment of the Renewable Energies Act. Did Rolfskind murder Kaiser for refusing to cooperate? When Eva publicly confronts Rolfskind with her suspicion at a major reception, he shrugs off the claim that he is under strain by stating that his contract is coming to an end. Is someone else blackmailing Eva? Why did Bertram Kaiser call CEO Hugo von Bergen of EWO six times on the day that he died? And where does the backbencher Stefan Link fit in? The weight on Eva’s shoulders continues to grow.