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The body of Business Secretary Bertram Kaiser is discovered in the River Spree. Eva is convinced that her extortion drove him to commit suicide, but her former colleague and best friend Lea Koch hears through connections in parliament that the police are not ruling out murder. Did Bertram Kaiser fall victim to the pro-nuclear lobby because he had suddenly emerged as a threat? Eva is working on another case for the lobbying firm at the same time, in which she has the task of preventing policy makers, headed by the undersecretary Beate Steiner, from banning advertising for unhealthy products targeted at children. But Steiner accuses Eva, as does environmental lobbyist Frank Rolfskind, of changing sides. Eva also probes her boss Wolfgang Zielert and Hugo von Bergen, CEO of the energy giant EWO. Who was it that met Bertram Kaiser shortly before his death? Eva’s mentally ill brother Tom Blumenthal, of all people, ultimately provides her with a lead that is worth pursuing.