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Eva’s past catches up with her. Somebody has told the press that she was to blame for her brother Tom becoming addicted to LSD when he was 14 years old. Her reputation as a lobbyist is in tatters. When she is fired by Zielert, she appears to have lost her final chance to unravel the intrigue that ruined her political career. Eva does not give in, however, and gains unauthorised entry to Zielert’s office, where she finds an access code for the “gallery”, in which the lobbying firm keeps a library of secret information about politicians and business leaders. Before she can get her hands on the evidence she is looking for, Eva is discovered. She knows that the only way to uncover the truth now is to be re-appointed by Zielert. To this end, she is willing to appear on Lucilla Moos’ talk show to accept responsibility for her brother’s condition and thus clear her name in the eyes of the public. But Zielert still refuses to give Eva a job. How can she regain his trust? One way could be to discredit the designated Business Secretary Otto Falk, who is loathed by the nuclear lobby.