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A mysterious murder without a body keeps Detective Clüver and his team guessing. And when Clüver falls for the prime suspect, his investigative prowess comes into question.

Romanian cleaner Alida Olariu has called Sylt Police to report that she stumbled across the body of missing sculptor Robert Kipling in his own half-empty pond. But when the police get to the house, there is no corpse to be found – and Olariu herself has vanished without a trace.

Olariu’s story seems rather unlikely: Kipling’s boat sank off the Danish island of Rømø six months ago, and Kipling is presumed drowned. While Hinnerk and Ina conduct investigations on Rømø with the Danish police, Clüver tackles the likely suspect – Kipling’s widow Bernadette. Did she murder her husband? And are her warm feelings for Clüver nothing but a sham?