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Club owner Ronny Klöcker is found dead in his home by his cleaner Jamila. Ronny is naked, and there are sex toys all over the apartment. Did Ronny fall down the stairs, or was he murdered?

Ina Behrendsen learns that Ronny partied with four young women at a bachelorette party in the night before he died. But none of the women can remember any details. Then Clüver and Ina find a man in one of the beds – it’s their colleague Hinnerk Feldmann, whose mind is also a blank.

The pathologist finds Rohypnol in Ronny’s blood, suggesting that the death was no accident. In order to trigger any memories about the wild party, Hinnerk has to recover his cell phone – and then dry it out. The phone turns out to contain some revealing snapshots!

Additional suspects come to light alongside the four young women: the bride’s obsessive ex-boyfriend, and Jamila’s son Ahmoud. Ultimately, Hinnerk unearths the critical clue that leads to discovery of the murderer.