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Detective Theo Clüver is confronted with a blackmailing case, and the victim is a truly substantial adversary. Wilfried König is an opulent businessman, art collector, and politician on Sylt.

But König has a huge problem. Coming home one night from a municipal council meeting, he finds his personal trainer Samy Adiaffi dead in the bedroom of his villa. To avoid scandal, he wants to keep the police out of it.

If it comes out that Samy was not only his fitness trainer but also his lover, König’s reputation, his career, and his marriage will be ruined. So he convinces his friend Gunnar Graber to help him secretly dump the body in the North Sea.

Then someone sends König photographs of himself and Graber moving the body, thus turning up the heat on them. König is blackmailed: either he hands over a painting worth millions, or the photographs will be sent to the police. Adding some spice to the situation, Detective Clüver had been involved with König’s wife Brigitta before she got married. Now Clüver, along with his colleagues Hinnerk and Ina, must unravel several enigmas in order to solve the mystery. Did Adiaffi have other affairs on the island? And what role does the dubious private detective Heiner Landwehr play?