Inspector Marthaler

Based on the police thrillers by Jan Seghers, the successful "Inspector Marthaler" series knows what its public wants: a harmonious team of individuals headed by a street-smart homicide inspector, Robert Marthaler. He's the guy you can rely on to make sense of murders that make no sense; to figure out why a difficult, out-of-town cop has been appointed Marthaler' partner; to present unusual evidence such as a score written by a famous composer; or an angelically beautiful young woman who is the key to an elaborate murder plan. The threads of Marthaler's emotional life, in turn, come together in perilous confrontations where, for example, the inspector's girlfriend is drawn into one of Marthaler's cases – and into mortal danger. The series' backgrounds are shot in a variety of iconic venues such as Frankfurt’s ultra-modern banking district and its seedy train station neighborhood.