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Moritz - "... It'd be cool if she became an angel ..."

”Football helps me to deal with my sadness“, says 14 year old Moritz when his younger sister Luca isn’t feeling well again. Luca is 11 years old and she is very ill. Since eating and drinking have become very difficult for Luca lately, the doctors have decided to administer a a gastric feeding tube on her. Luca suffers from mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS), a genetic metabolic disorder, which is neither treatable nor curable. It is uncertain how long she will live. “In the past she was able to walk, talk and sing. Now she only sits in her wheelchair and stares into space.” Moritz likes looking after Luca and spends a lot of time with her. Moritz is the type of elder brother that many children would love to have: caring, sensitive and cool. He describes the way he and his family live, but also how they prepare themselves for the difficult time when Luca will no longer be with them. “It is easier than you might think”, he says, “I lead a normal life.”