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Pamela - Life Without My Dad

Pamela is 10 years old. She was born in Germany, but her family comes from Italy. She lives with her mother, her little brother and her ailing Italian grandmother. She’s a cheerful little Italian girl with typical dark hair and husky voice. The four of them live in a rundown three-room-flat without heating. The Urgese family is poor, even though Pamela doesn’t think so herself. Pamela’s father is dead. He was shot in the street, right in front of the house. Pamela and her mother regularly place flowers at the spot where he died. After his demise, Pamela had to take on a lot of responsibilities as the only one in the family who speaks German. These were things her dad did before, but her mother, grandmother and brother do not speak a word of German. The family is isolated from much around them, largely due to the language barriers, and this is something Pamela wants to change.