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Hannah, A Girl in a Boat

Hannah is 10 years old. She’s the youngest of her family. Her older sister, Marie, is 13. Hannah and her family live in a high-rise housing estate close to the River Rhine. Recently Hannah started rowing as a hobby. Her mother spotted the rowing club in the internet and chose it because it’s close to where the family lives. Now Hannah is a big rowing fan: it’s adventurous and exhausting, and she thinks her young trainer is cool. This year she will take part in her first regattas and hopes to win at least one. She wants to win for herself, for her trainer, and because the trainer promised her that she will have the chance to row the eight-man scull over the River Rhine in front of the city’s impressive cathedral… a dream for all of them, because sports rowing does not take place on the Rhine. Sports rowing in Cologne is done on a lake. What’s more, children are not allowed to use the eight-man scull...