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Slava the Dog

SLAVA THE DOG is a heartwarming family story set in the midst of the Russian-Ukrainian war. A bomb hits the Lutsenko family home and Nyka (34), her grandmother (89), their children Andryi (9) and Alona (6) and their dog Slava flee to Hamburg, leaving their father Petro (39) behind. On their journey they meet the Kyiv Circus, adding magic to their lives.

In Hamburg they plan to stay with Nyka's Russian ex-boyfriend Nikolai (45) and his girlfriend Julia (35). Tensions flare, leading to Slava's escape. Meanwhile, two sisters, Tanja Simon (44), the Minister of Culture, and Laura (42), a pacifist, get involved. Tanja and her team see the lost dog as an opportunity for promotion. Laura finds Slava at the station and takes her home, unaware that the whole city is looking for the dog.

The search for Slava unfolds with unexpected twists and reunions. SLAVA THE DOG is a story of family, unity and hope in difficult times.