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Lena jumps feet first into her new life and tries to fit in, and keep hidden from the Time Collectors. 

Lena discovers that she and Henri can communicate through a brick at the Garnier. She learns about time travel and the dangers lurking.  She immerses herself in life at the POB school, while hiding from the Time Collectors and trying to find her way home. She does her best to keep up with the current slang, mind-blowing technology and the casual way boys and girls interact, and it doesn’t always go well! Between Queen Bee Thea breathing down her neck and auditioning for a spot in heart throb Max’s underground dance crew, Lena has her work cut out for her. Thankfully she has her roommate and new BFF Ines to lean on. When the Time Collectors show up at school using Henri as bait, Lena’s forced to level with Ines and tell her everything. Will Ines dismiss her as crazy or will she believe her new best friend?