"Find Me in Paris, Season 2" follows Lena Grisky, a Russian Princess and student at the world-famous Paris Opera Ballet School. After falling through a portal in 1905 and emerging in 2018, she has been doing her best to blend in while she waited for help to come to bring her home. Help arrived from her boyfriend Henri, but after they missed the latest portal opening, Lena realizes that she really wants to remain in modern day forever and sets out to convince Henri to stay here with her. Life in 2019 is challenging for Henri and he’s having a hard time adjusting. He’ll do anything to persuade Lena to return home. Still feeling hurt and rejected by Lena, Max is barely speaking to her. And Lena learns that Thea used the portal while it was open and is now stuck in 1905, and is changing the past to make herself a star.