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When Princess Lena Grisky accidentally time travels from 1905 to modern day, she poses as another student and tries to assimilate into life at the Paris Opera Ballet School while she tries to figure out how it happened and how to get home.

When Princess Lena Grisky, a student at the prestigious Paris Opera Ballet School, runs away with her boyfriend Henri, she gets the shock of her life when the necklace Henri gave her turns out to be a time machine. Lena accidentally time travels from the safety and security of her life in 1905 to the fast paced, electronics-infused present day at the POBS, where she must fit in fast, so her secret’s not discovered. Through a series of misunderstandings, Lena poses as another student, until she figures out what to do next. Meanwhile, stuck in 1905, a confused and panicked Henri learns all about his family’s time traveling secrets and that a group of thugs called The Time Collectors are after him and Lena and the coveted timepiece!