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The Time Collectors close in on Lena, but Henri’s plan to protect her works.  However in doing so, the Time Collectors, Henri and Benoit all scatter to a different time period, leaving Lena to fend for herself.

When the real student Lena’s impersonating shows up and Lena’s unmasked as an imposter, Henri’s father Benoit comes to the rescue by acting as her benefactor. Impressed by Lena’s talent, Gabrielle agrees to let her stay at the POBS. As the Time Collector’s close in on Lena, Henri lays out a plan that he hopes will protect her.  It works, but leaves her stranded in the future, while the Time Collector’s, Benoit and Henri himself are scattered to another time period.  Will Lena be able to navigate present day until Henri finds a way to get to her?