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Maik and Tom want to finish the research of Tom’s dead sister Klara, whose discoveries about the legendary military commander Hannibal may change the history books.

After trekking in the mountains with her father, the famous historian Prof. Hechtel, the young woman had not returned alive. Nobody knows what exactly happened in the mountains, however – except the professor, who doggedly remains silent about it.

Together with mountain guide Jonas, the two young men set out on their hike. An accident happens, and Jonas plummets to the depths. At Maik’s insistence, he and the wholly inexperienced Tom continue on their own.

When the Alpine Rescue team find the fallen, unconscious Jonas, Markus Kofler especially is sure of one thing: The man was not trekking on his own! The team start a feverish search. Hechtel also sets out to stop his son and the former partner of his deceased daughter. What is he keeping secret? And why is Maik so insistent on continuing the trek? When the three of them finally meet, the situation escalates, and for the Alpine Rescue team, it is a race against time.