Dr. Klein

screenable online: 6 episodes

Pediatrician Dr. Valerie Klein is 1,32 m tall and the only person at the children’s hospital in Stuttgart who sees eye to eye with her patients.  Her life is anything but easy: her daughter is in the middle of puberty and ashamed of her “midget mother”, her son doesn’t want to grow anymore out of sympathy, her father has dementia and believes that she is a child and her “normal” big, big sister can do everything – except live independently. It's great that her husband takes care of the household and family, which is the only way that they can manage their private lives. Valerie loves her job as a pediatrician and had to learn early on to fight against discrimination. However, she is not the only “exotic” one at the hospital: the chief physician is gay, the chief nurse overweight and the assistant physician dark-skinned. Valerie's biggest opponent is convinced that the only reason he didn't get the job of senior physician is because he is “healthy, normal and heterosexual”. Hard times await Dr. Valerie Klein, who has to make quite an effort, not only with her young patients.