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Leni and Frank are hiking in the mountains with their 8-year-old foster son Felix, when the boy accidentally fires a flare gun. Frank is hit with a flare and falls off a cliff edge. Leni wants to get help, but her heavily wounded husband implores her to take Felix home first and then come back to help him. But why is no one allowed to know about the accident? Leni and Felix make their way back, but quickly find themselves pushed to their limits. When Felix injures his foot and can no longer continue, Leni has no other choice but to call for help. The Alpine Rescue team turn up and take the two to hospital. When she is asked about what happened in the mountains, Leni can’t – or won’t – remember anything. Is she really suffering from amnesia? And why won’t little Felix say a word about his foster father’s whereabouts, even though witnesses confirm that Frank went on the mountain hike with them? Markus Kofler is unsettled - and sets out on a daredevil rescue mission that’s not quite on the right side of the law. Time is short, as the Youth Welfare Office is doing all it can to put the boy back into a home.