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Markus Kofler and his girlfriend Julia are on an outing in the mountains with their friends Thomas and Sabine and their ten-year old daughter Nadja when an avalanche takes them by surprise. Julia falls into a precipice. Markus, a very experienced climber, tries to save his girlfriend when the rescuers arrive by helicopter. However, they cannot land due to acute avalanche danger. Andreas and Katharina jump out of the helicopter on their skis and with Markus’s help, Andreas is able to rescue severely injured Julia. However, she is not doing well and must be taken to hospital immediately. Thanks to a blood donation of ten-year old Nadia, who shares her blood group, Julia can be stabilised.

While Andreas, Markus and Katharina take injured Julia into the valley on a stretcher, Sabine and Thomas get into a serious argument: Thomas accuses his wife of not being Nadja’s father. Meanwhile, Julia has arrived in hospital and Markus immediately makes his way to the mountain hut to pick up Sabine, Thomas and Nadja. Once he has reached the hut he is faced with an unpleasant surprise. It becomes clear that Julia and Sabine have both kept a secret. It’s a catastrophe in the making.