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Ambitious Marie Langhoff is an art history student who knows exactly what she wants. She’s tracking down a painting stolen by the Nazis. Marie is sure, she must find the painting. In spite of warnings and closures due to bad weather, Marie heads for the summit with Felix and Bastl Mooslechner. Apparently, Felix and Bastl Mooslechner’s grandfather stole the painting while it was being transported in the last days of the war and hid it high up in the mountains. Meanwhile, Tobias Herbrechter meets his half-sister Katharina Strasser for the first time who introduces him to his father Peter. She is there to start a job as a physiotherapist in the hotel of the Herbrechter family. Feeling emotional, the siblings head out together to check the closures of the access roads to the mountains. As they come across the car with Marie, Bastl and Felix in the restricted area, a hectic chase ensues. Tobias’s car overturns and falls down a precipice, leaving Tobias and his half-sister Katharina desperately hoping for rescue. In the meantime, Marie, Felix and Bastl Mooslechner continue their search for the hidden painting, unaware of being in danger. But Andreas Marthaler and his team do their utmost to find Tobias and Katharina.