Teenosaurus Rex

Six episodes of teen-induced drama based on Jan Weiler’s bestseller of the same name.

Puberty is the stage of development when a delightful creature metamorphoses into a full- fledged monster. For families going through it, it’s a harrowing experience. For everyone else, constant laughter.

Jan Maybacher (Pasquale Aleardi) is a loving husband and father who works as a columnist. Life with his wife Sara (Chiara Schoras) and their two children is good. In fact, everything would be perfect if their 13-year old daughter Carla (Mia Kasalo) weren’t going through the roller coaster mood swings of puberty. One wrong word can wreak havoc. Plus, Carla and her 10-year old brother seem to bicker nonstop. While Sara can more readily accept the fact that their daughter is changing, Jan misses the little girl who adored him.