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In front of the dance school, Monika meets a slightly deranged-looking gentleman. He turns out to be Simon Crohn and claims that his family had owned the Galant Dance School until 1936. Monika's curiosity is piqued. Has the dance school perhaps not belonged to the Schöllacks for generations? In Caterina's bedroom, Monika finds evidence supporting this: a photo. In the meantime, Joachim Franck is wooing Monika again. Caterina pressures Monika to relent. But Monika's resistance towards her mother is growing, especially since Caterina is not as "clean" as she pretends to be.

Monika accepts Freddy's offer to join him at the dance club "Mutter Brause". There a completely new world opens up to her, with flips, leather jackets, petticoats and American rock 'n' roll. Hordes of young people are dancing wildly on the dance floor. Monika lets herself go and finally feels free. She also meets Joachim there again, but is not yet ready to forgive him. Whereas Monika enjoys her new, secret life, her sister Eva surprisingly starts to feel hesitant. Until recently she had seen herself as Frau Professor Fassbender. The encounter with Rudi Hauer, the husband of a woman patient and a promising football player from East Berlin, gives her reason to doubt.