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Ina Rehnitz is young, attractive, and has recently fallen in love. While the journalist is on her way to an editorial meeting, she's hit by a car right in front of her new boyfriend, Lars Brehm. It's a hit-and-run – the driver speeds away from the scene of the accident. At the hospital the doctors inform her her arm is broken, but Ina leaves the hospital against the advice of Dr. Glaser anddisappears without a trace. Distraught, Lars Brehm goes to the Missing Persons Bureau. He can't explain why she disappeared, but he thinks Ina is in grave danger. He's sure the accident wasn't really an accident – it was an attempt to murder her. Radek and his team are skeptical at first and suspect that the real reason for her disappearance is that the couple's relationship is going through a crisis. Is their recent love relationship not as strong as Lars Brehm says it is? Or is there actually more to the grim accident than meets the eye? While Sandra Reiß gets to know the attractive Holger Merbold better when she questions him, the investigation heads in a new direction. Ina's editor tells them that about a year ago Ina, his ambitious colleague, was diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer. And that Ina disappeared for several months once before – right after the diagnosis, which Lars Brehm never mentioned to them.