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Nervous but optimistic, Justina Novak leaves the house one morning to take her final school-leaving examinations – but never makes it to the school. She seems to have been swallowed up by the earth. When the investigators question her ambitious father, it becomes clear to them under what great pressure Justina was. For years now, the girl had a fear of exams, but her father kept pushing her to finish secondary school, which led to her being treated with an entire arsenal of medication. Did Justina have a panic attack at the last minute and throw in the towel? What role did her teacher Georg Cremer play, with whom she had a close relationship? And how to evaluate an altercation on the street between Justina and the school director Elke Zimmermann, which apparently concerned Cremer? Did Justina begin an affair with her teacher in order to ensure her graduation in this manner? The longer Radek and his colleagues from the Missing Persons Unit investigate, the clearer it becomes that Justina was not just a victim.