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Cornelia Langer is a dedicated nurse and a loving mother. She is busy taking care of a pregnant teenager in the hospital's emergency room in her usual thoughtful and understanding manner when all of a sudden she disappears from the face of the earth. Little Ella waits in vain in her kindergarten for her mother to show up for the theater performance where she's playing the good fairy. When Cornelia's ex-husband Holger Merbold receives a telephone call from the kindergarten, Chief of Police Sandra Reiß, who recently started a relationship with the good-looking Merbold, tries to calm him down. But Merbold is sure something terrible must have happened. Indeed, when Sandra enters Cornelia's apartment she discovers it has been broken into and ransacked. Radek and his team discover that not too long ago medications were stolen from the hospital and apparently Cornelia was involved. Why did Cornelia need all those different kinds of medications prescribed to help drug addicts during withdrawal? Was she also addicted to drugs? And what role does the physician Dr. Frisch play, who has a dubious reputation among the nurses? Radek is extremely alarmed when it turns out that actually Cornelia had been addicted to drugs in the past and she's now helping junkies secretly. Meanwhile, Sandra tries to investigate in the best professional manner as possible – but it hurts her to see the reality of how strong Holger's feelings still are for his ex-wife Cornelia.