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Bert de Vries and his girlfriend Karin Tuschik are going to become parents for the first time. Lotta, Karin’s daughter from a previous relationship, is also eagerly awaiting her little brother. The small family is in the midst of renovating the children’s room and want to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls. At the DIY store, Bert entrusts Lotta to the supervised Child Care section. Later, however, once all the children have been picked up, only Lotta is still with the caretaker, alone and miserable. There is no trace of Bert de Vries. Karin is very worried, and rightfully so: that same morning, there had been a violent quarrel between her ex-husband Markus Koch and her new life partner. The relationship between the men was tense. Does Markus Koch have anything to do with Bert’s disappearance? Radek and his team investigate on various fronts and interrogate, among others, Bert’s wife Claudia de Vries and her father Rüdiger Herzog. Bert is allegedly separated from Claudia. But then the investigators find out that Bert has more to hide than it seems at first.