As a police officer, the 34-year-old ethnic Turk Sibel considers herself well-integrated in German society. Her 21-year-old brother Melih has a different sense of allegiance; he sees himself and his sister cast in the role of undesirable immigrants. The siblings are as different as chalk and cheese. Melih is looking for a place to belong. Together with his friend Tobi he hangs around a shady internet café, where his excellent IT skills come to the fore. When Tobi is drawn towards Salafism, Melih is initially dismissive, but eventually he begins to take an interest as well. When a credit card scam orchestrated by Melih is exposed, Sibel provides surety. He is granted bail on the condition that he lives with his sister under her supervision. It is a recipe for conflict. Among other interventions, Sibel has Karsten’s "Second Handy", the joint frequented by Melih and Tobi, closed down by the police. Melih is enraged, accusing Sibel of typical German superiority and treachery, and referring to Karsten as a true family member. Sibel responds abrasively, insisting that she wanted to protect her younger brother against exploitation by Karsten and keep him from going off the rails. Tobi meanwhile has got to know Baris and the charismatic preacher Abu Nour. When Tobi recites the Islamic creed Shahada, Melih is present, and the ritual makes a deep impression on him.