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Melih and Tobi are looking for answers. How are Muslims to protect themselves against hostility? What does the Qur’an mean when it refers to the struggle against non-believers? Few are willing to provide answers, but one Salafi speaks out. The two friends find fellowship with the Salafi imam Abu Nour and the captivating Baris. They engage in discussions with them and undergo training. Without noticing, they are recruited to the cause of ISIS. Melih feels more and more excluded from society. Following an assault by a police officer, Sibel recommends that Melih does not file a complaint. He interprets her advice as a betrayal. The imam Abu Nour and Baris arrange for a lawyer to represent him. Disappointed in his sister, Melih moves out. Sibel is desperate when he severs all contact with her. She is approached by an intelligence officer by the name of Bahr, who wants to know where to find her brother. He has discovered that Melih is not living with her anymore and has thus breached his bail conditions. Bahr tells Sibel that Imam Abu Nour, alias Phillip, is suspected of recruiting converts for ISIS, and that Melih has shown up in his company. If her brother were to cooperate with intelligence officials, says Bahr, he could be given support in the forthcoming court hearing. The authorities see Melih as a way of infiltrating ISIS. Sibel is furious at the authorities’ disregard for his personal safety, and rejects the proposal.