Award-winning actor Alina Levshin (In the Face of Crime, Combat Girls) stars as private detective Doro Decker in Dunkelstadt, a standout new crime series with an intriguing mix of film noir and feminism.

Doro Decker’s late father was a respected police officer, and she had planned to follow in his footsteps. However, Doro has a problem mindlessly obeying orders and finds it hard to bow to authority, putting an abrupt end to her police training. Now she works as a private detective, dealing with clients hoping to catch unfaithful spouses or find lost pets. In her own way, Doro makes the world a little bit better every day. The private detective’s initially harmless cases tend to escalate into dangerous situations. But with the help of her assistant Adnan Musa and charming policeman Chris Lautner, she faces each and every danger. Perhaps one day she will face her inner demons as well.