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The authorities have been alerted that Baris is none other than Younes, one of the most menacing leaders of ISIS, who was believed dead. There is every indication that another attack is being plotted. Tobi and Melih would rather fight for the caliphate than remain activists in Germany. When Ali gives details of the tactics employed by ISIS, they turn their backs on their previous lives. Sibel is tipped off about a raid on the terror house, and rushes to the scene. She discovers Melih there, but he is able to escape together with Baris. Sibel can no longer have any doubts about the path that her brother has chosen. She is acutely aware of her failure to extract him from the group or protect him from the unfolding police manhunt. Feeling helpless, she returns to her mother, who for the first time shows empathy for her daughter. Just in time, Sibel has an idea about where her brother could be found. At their father’s graveside, she tries to persuade him to abandon the cause.