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Carl Sievers arrives on Sylt as the new lieutenant and has a somewhat frosty meeting with his detectives Ina Behrendsen and Hinnerk Feldmann. The next day, a body is found on the island.

The dead man is Gunnar Schneider, a police sergeant in Kiel. Sievers shows himself to be a consummate professional at the crime scene. But Ina and Hinnerk can’t get a word out of him about why he was transferred to Sylt from his previous assignment in Kiel.

The detectives find 30,000 euros in Schneider’s hotel room and a camera with pictures of Oliver Kruse, a restaurateur. Kruse is suspected of dealing drugs in his restaurants on Sylt and in Kiel. Was Schneider blackmailing him? Sievers goes to Kiel to investigate and finds a new lead. A few months earlier, Schneider had worked on a case where the driver in a fatal car accident had fled the scene. A young girl was killed. Since then her mother Sandy Freyer has been in therapy. It turns out that Freyer has now been missing for three days and is probably hiding out on Sylt. Were Gunnar Schneider and Sandy Freyer on the trail of the driver? And were they following him on their own initiative? Where is Sandy Freyer? Has she also been murdered? And what role is being played by boat-hirer Dennis Mager and by Kruse the restaurateur, both of whom have a connection to the dead man?