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Detective Theo Clüver and his team are investigating a rather peculiar death. A homeowner on Sylt wanted to sell his luxury seaside house, and now, suddenly, he’s dead – although there are no marks on the body!

A wealthy Swiss family were interested in buying the house, but now they’ve gone off the idea. While playing outside during the house viewing, the children found the owner’s corpse in the shed. This is a disaster for attractive young realtor Susanna Wagner – how can she sell a house where a murder has been committed? Susanna has only recently started out as a freelancer and she really needs the commission. There is no lack of competition on the Sylt housing market!

Susanna’s former boss Bendix Böckelmann falls under suspicion. Was he trying to get revenge on Susanna for enticing a client away from him? Detective Hinnerk Feldmann is given the job of getting information out of Susanna, who clearly has something to hide.

In the meantime, Clüver is beginning to tire of hunting down criminals and is starting to think he’d prefer a quieter life. He’d like to make time for himself, his three daughters, his grandchildren – the really important things.
The case takes an unexpected turn when Hinnerk falls hard for Susanna. In a flagrant violation of police ethics, he goes to bed with her. The next morning he wakes up with a terrible hangover. And Susanna has vanished – taking his service weapon with her.