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Among Enemies

After a long absence due to illness, police inspector Kessel is back on duty with his old friend and colleague Diller. The two police inspectors are instructed with an observation. While the two wait in the car for sth. to happen, Diller realizes that Kessel is shaking. It turns out that Kessel had fallen for drugs when he was absent. Diller doubts whether his colleague is 100% sober, but the uncertainty comes too late:  While observing the house, there’s a group of teenagers and addicts hanging around the house; when a dealer comes to offer the kids drugs, Kessel jumps out of the car attacking the dealer. Diller pulls him back into the car, trying to avoid any stir during their observation. Kessel is still out of control – he sits in the car and starts driving, deliberately knocking over the dealer. What now? There are only seconds left for Diller to decide what to do: Doing his duty or helping his friend?

He decides for Kessel, drives him home and causes an accident with the staff car in order to cover the tracks of what really happened. Then Diller goes home and tries to act as if nothing has happened. An impossible thing to keep up. The next morning Diller is assigned with the task of investigating the accident Kessel had with the staff car. The loyal colleague Diller realizes how the walls are closing in on him – when suddenly an “offer for help” comes up that he and his colleague Kessel can hardly reject, although it is offered by the “wrong side”…