In the beginning of Season 2, Caro and Vince aren’t getting along at all. The romantic kiss at the end of Season 1 turned out to be Caro fantasizing about something that, unfortunately, didn’t pan out. So, their love didn’t bloom over the summer. Caro made it clear to Vince that she never wanted to see him again... Caro and her dad, Peter, picked up where they left off in the countryside. Of course the girl misses her life in the city, but her father is happy, and that’s what counts. In the city, life goes back to usual. When the new school year begins, there are a few new faces, which cause a commotion. One of them is the rebellious Scott, who got held back a year and whom Vince clearly doesn’t like. And then there’s this self-confident power girl, Maria. She quickly turns Yemi into her pet project, when she is the only one to notice that the cheerful boy is hiding a lot of grief. Indeed, Yemi’s friend Kyona has changed schools, and the boy is having a very hard time with that. Vince, too, is having a hard time. He isn’t in touch with Caro, Scott is making his life miserable, and his fathers are constantly arguing. Camille has learned from her mistakes from Season 1 and wants to do her very best to fix everything she ruined. But she soon notices that few people are in the mood for forgiveness. And who is it that is constantly watching her?