Superhero Academy

screenable online: 9 episodes

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Even superheroes have to go to school!

Follow a group of first graders during their first schoolyear as they try to master deadly obstacle courses and make their own superoutfits!

At first day of school, Blaze still hasn’t gotten his superpower! – will he be able to activate it in time? Meanwhile, Tele struggles to fit in, and seems to lack the traits of a superhero. Maybe she will become a supervillain instead? Superinventor Alpha struggles to understand the subtext of social interactions. Maybe she could solve her problems by inventing a lie detector that shows what people actually mean? Raymond is denied icecream at his birthday after a slip of the tongue reveals milk is his kryptonite, which causes Tele to “invent” a fake antikryptonite-machine.

Love potions, clone canons, time machines and sidekick-auditions – all is part of everyday life at Superhero Academy!

In Season 2 of Superhero Academy we will catch up with Blaze, Tele, Alpha, Raymond and Uno - and also meet a bunch of fresh new students! Everyone must face the chamber of fear, an evil shapeshifter is loose at the school, and parallel universes are as real as our own.