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Tension is running high in the Aydin and Walther homes. The two doctors meet for the first time at the gynecologist's. While Jana learns that she is seven weeks pregnant, her father has a serious talk with Yunus, who puts things simple: he doesn't want the baby. Jana, in turn, is uncertain about what to do. When her sister Nena misinterprets something she hears, she suddenly thinks that Yunus is not the father of the baby after all.

Meanwhile, Sibel Aydin is exchanging heated words with her boss Petersen, the head of the clinic. He refuses to treat the patient Paul Wessling, since he views the former drug addict as being recidivist and refractory. Sibel advises Paul's girlfriend Mira to try the emergency ward at St. George's. She believes in Paul. But Dr. Olsen demands a drug test. The result is: positive.