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Sixteen-year-old Jana Walther can't believe that she's pregnant. But once her little sister Nena spread the news, there's little she can do except for damage control. This starts with her father, Dr. Max Walther, who is raising his daughters alone after the death of his wife. Furious, he rushes off to confront Dr. Sibel Aydin, the single mother of Jana's 17-year-old boyfriend Yunus, and bursts into her birthday party. Before the presumed grandparents can discuss the problem, the very pregnant Esther loses consciousness. She is taken to the emergency ward of St. George's, which is led by Max Walther and his colleague Dr. Tobias Olsen. Sibel suspects that Esther is being physically abused by her husband. While she and Max take care of Esther, Yunus and Jana find it hard to have level-headed discussions with Max and, the following morning, Yunus and Jana hop on a train for Holland.