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Sibel Aydin has just begun her test shift as a receptionist at the emergency ward with Max Walther and Tobias Olsen. Assistant receptionist Paula is hardly enthusiastic about the "newcomer", especially since she has been assigned to work in the office of Max's deceased wife Anna. Dealing with morning sickness, Jana argues with Yunus over the upcoming decision. When Ms. Rotbaum, Jana's teacher, speaks to Max because Jana's grades have rapidly declined, he tells her why. Unfortunately, Jana's good friend Aaron is ill and coughing wretchedly next to her. Distracted by Aaron, Ms. Rotbaum accidentally blurts out the story of Jana's pregnancy, and in a few seconds the entire school knows. Sibel, meanwhile, gives Aaron a prescription for antibiotics but ends up infuriating Aaron's mother, who wants no medication at all. The tension mounts when the boy reacts to the medicine with a violent allergy.