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Swedish drama thriller. Part 1 of 10. Hanna Svensson is a police officer with high moral standards and strong principles. It’s been two years since she sent her own son Christian to jail for selling narcotics. He has just been released but to Hanna’s great sorrow, he doesn’t want anything to do with her any more. When her colleague and lover Sven disappears, it is discovered that he’s been running a secret investigation into a criminal enterprise. Only Hanna knows that Sven has an infiltrator and she takes over the text message contact via Sven’s cell phone. Hanna doesn’t know who it is, only that the nickname is “Inez”. Soon, Hanna realizes the seriousness of the investigation. A brutal and fiendish plan to gain power is about to happen in the underworld, and Inez is Hanna’s only chance to stop it. Meanwhile, she has to find Sven.