Blue Eyes

screenable online: 10 episodes

From the writer of the acclaimed Swedish sci-fi drama Real Humans, Alex Haridi, comes a political thriller series that feels eerily like non-fiction with its depiction of the far-right's rise.

Sweden is preparing its general elections when right-wing politician Annika Nilsson (51) is murdered. Her children Simon (19) and Sofia (24) handle their loss differently. Sofia is convinced that immigrants killed her mother. In her hunt for scapegoats, she comes across a violent, extreme-right movement called Veritas, which is carrying out attacks against Swedish society. If all goes according to plan, their actions will culminate in a spectacular bombing of the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Meanwhile, in the Ministry of Justice, Elin Hammar becomes aware that something is wrong in the department. Not only are important documents missing, but her predecessor also disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The deeper she digs, the more trails she finds pointing inthe same direction: Uddevalla, the town where Annika Nilsson lived…