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What would the start of the New Year be without ZDF’s "Dream Voyage"? Under the command of Captain Jakob Paulsen, the ship sets course for the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.

While Corinna Hartung and Jan Krüger celebrate their long-anticipated reunion, Maria is less than thrilled by the arrival on board of her husband Paul Bronski. Maria has already been on board for three months, because she feels neglected by her husband; now they're stuck together on the ship. Maria’s most ardent desire is that Paul should spend more time with her than with his company. But this appears to be very difficult for him to do. His old friend Captain Paulsen and Beatrice have their hands full trying to make it clear to stubborn Paul that the only way he can save his marriage is if he changes his previous course.

Meanwhile, Corinna and Jan have other problems. Corinna wants nothing more than to give up her free and footloose lifestyle and start a family with Jan. But for the adventurous journalist these are inconceivable visions of his future. Jan doesn’t reveal to Corinna that he has grave reasons for his dismissive attitude, in order to protect her from emotional distress.

The famous surgeon Dr. Martin Rainders and his wife Carmen are sailing on the "Traumschiff" to Puerto Rico to visit Martin’s old friend Dr. Carlos Rivera at the children’s clinic he founded. The clinic is very dear to the couple’s heart. For years they have been supporting Carlos with donations, medicine, and medical equipment. Brimming with anticipation they head for the clinic together with Dr. Sander. But their joy turns into dismay when they see the clinic.

Even Captain Paulsen has to deal with several problems during the journey. Not only does his friend Paul need a good deal of advice and support – Beatrice and Captain Paulsen also have to constantly worry about the new tour guide. Franziska Stein is open, flexible, and sometimes too cheeky, and it’s very obvious she has a problem with managing her time. Franziska is a very outgoing person and helps everyone who needs it. Beatrice realizes very quickly that Franziska is someone who sometimes gets distracted and runs out of time, and because of this she’s very often not at the right place at the right time. Beatrice decides to take the "new girl" under her wing.