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This year's New Year's Eve voyage is heading to particularly sensational destination: to Rio de Janeiro with its famous landmark, the Sugarloaf Mountain. Captain Paulsen, the crew, and the passengers on board the "MS Deutschland" are in for an eventful trip that will take them to the Christ statue on top of the Corcovado and, of course, to the most famous beach in the world, the Copacabana.

One of the passengers is Horst Jörnsen, who owns the catering company that supplies the "MS Deutschland" with everything it needs for the journey. Plagued by failing health, he is on the way to Rio to sell his firm. To his great amazement, his daughter Nina is also on board. Years ago, she broke with her family after a violent argument. Now she would like to take over the company, but Jörnsen puts her to a hard test along with his best employees Ole Müller and Karl Hübner.