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Before the M.S. Deutschland sets course for Perth, the ship's new captain is nowhere to be found. Beatrice welcomes the guests and can't believe her eyes when Victor, her former colleague, suddenly stands in front of her. The last guests have checked in – the only person missing is the new captain. Beatrice and Doc Sander can't believe it: How can it be that the new skipper arrives too late right on his first day of work? At that moment someone calls out to them. Victor Burger is standing on the bridge in his chic captain's uniform, and he asks Beatrice and his ship's doctor to finally come aboard. Beatrice is in "shock" - she can't quite comprehend all of this just yet. The last time she saw Victor he was a handsome-looking steward who caused the hearts of many women to beat faster, and now he's standing on the bridge and telling everybody else what to do. She soon senses, however, that Victor has changed quite a bit.