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Mauritius may be the very model of a paradise destination, but for Captain Burger, it also awakens memories of a dramatic phase in his life: As captain of a freighter, he and his crew had been attacked by pirates. When he sees the customs investigator of the German Federal Police on board, he suspects that his past has come back to haunt him. He is asked to go on land and identify the leader of the pirates...

Vera and her husband are celebrating their silver anniversary with their pregnant daughter Lucie. Vera has fond memories of the island where she grew up as the daughter of a diplomat. But after a turbulent night at sea, Lucie gives birth prematurely. Though both she and the child are fine, there is something unusual about the baby: it is black! Lucie's husband thinks she betrayed him. But it's Vera who begins to suspect that she may be responsible for the child's color.